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Roof Collapse of Mall in Tongaat, South Africa

Date of Occurrence: November 20th, 2013 Location: Tongaat, South Africa Event: Building Collapse, 1,000 square feet of concrete slab. Fatalities: 1 confirmed, as many as 40 workers unaccounted Injuries/Displaced: 29, developing

1590424035Rescue efforts are underway to find as many as 40 construction workers who were caught under the rubble when a portion of the shopping center collapsed.  The BBC has reported at least one person has died.

IOL News in South Africa reports that roughly 1,000 ft^2 of concrete slabs (18-inches thick) had collapsed of the building.  The city had been attempting to stop construction due to lack of building plans submitted to the city.

Police Patrol near mall in Tongaat (near Durban, South Africa).  Photo from Reuters

Links to news sources with pictures of the collapse and rescue effort are shown below.




Mogadishu Restaurant Bombing Claimed by Al-Shabab

Date of Occurrence: September 7, 2013 Location: Mogadishu, Somalia Event: Complex Attack - VBIED followed by BBIED Fatalities: 15 Injuries/Displaced: 23 (as of September 8, 2013)

A car bomb detonated outside a local restaurant that is said to have been frequented by government employees and journalists.  Reports state that a second suicide bomber blew himself up in the crowd as people came to the aid of those injured in the initial blast.

BBC News
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Chain of Car Bombs Attack in Iraq, 18 Killed, 80 Wounded

Date of Occurrence: November 14, 2012 Updated 2151 GMT (0551 HKT) Location: Baghdad, Iraq Event: Car Bombings Fatalities: 18 (as of Nov. 14, 2012) Injuries/Displaced: 80 (as of Nov. 14, 2012)


A chain of car bombS exploded across Iraq on Wednesday, a day before the beginning of the Islamic New Year. Overall, 18 people died and at least 80 were wounded. The explosions occurred in:

  • Hafriya where three were killed, 18 wounded;
  • Central Baghdad where one was killed and dozens wounded;
  • Kirkuk, which was the deadliest attack. where five were killed and 31 wounded;
  • Hilla where five died and 12 injured; and
  • Diyala Province –  which targeted the convoy of Governor Omer Aziz al-Hamri. The governor was unharmed but 11 were wounded.


Irish Times