Applied Knowledge

Upcoming Conferences: ASIS Middle East

ASIS International will be presenting the second annual ASIS Middle East Security Conference in Bahrain, February 20 – 22 2011.  Stone Security Engineering is looking forward to attending this conference, both to share information with the security community (look for Hollice Stone on the speakers list!) and to learn from professionals working in the Middle East.   Check out the conference website for more information:

Our Newest Project Manager

Stone Security Engineering, PC is pleased to announce the arrival of our newest Project Manager:  Arturo Montalva, P.E.Arturo Montalva

Mr. Montalva is a licensed professional engineer with a background in mechanical/structural engineering and in-depth expertise in the area of linear and non-linear structural dynamics. He specializes in the areas of blast and structural analysis and design, progressive collapse analysis, and finite element analysis.

Mr. Montalva is experienced in DoD ATFP Minimum projects, DoD projects involving higher threats and levels of protection, new and retrofit GSA Federal Building and Courthouse design and analysis, blast vulnerability assessments for child care centers and California state courthouses, new Airport control tower design, progressive collapse analysis for GSA and DoD facilities, and peer review of blast analysis for an international non-governmental headquarters.

Mr. Montalva is well versed in DoD governing documents such as the UFC 4-010-01 DoD Antiterrorism Standards for Buildings, UFC 4-023-03 Design of Buildings to Resist Progressive Collapse, and the UFC 3-340-02 Structures to Resist the Effects of Accidental Explosions.  He is also experienced in applying the ISC Security Design Criteria For New Federal Office Buildings and Major Modernizations Projects and the new 2010 ISC Physical Security Criteria for Federal Facilities, and the 2003 GSA’s Progressive Collapse Analysis and Design Guidelines for the New Federal Office Buildings and Major Modernization Projects.

Mr. Montalva can be reached via email at or telephone at (646) 649-3169.

New Interagency Security Committee Document

The Interagency Security Committee has just released the 2010 Physical Security Criteria for Federal Facilities (FOUO) and the 2010 Design-Basis Threat Report (FOUO). These documents supersede the 2004 Security Design Criteria for New Federal Office Buildings and Major Modernization Projects (FOUO), the 2005 Security Standards for Leased Spaces (FOUO) and the 1995 DoJ Vulnerability Assessment of Federal Facilities (aka the ‘DoJ Report’). These new documents, in conjunction with the 2008 Facility Security Level Determinations for Federal Facilities (FOUO), establish the new design and construction security requirements that are applicable for all civilian Federal Facilities.

There are major updates in the new criteria document which will translate to changes in the design and design approach for Federal Buildings. Some of the more significant updates include:

• The new 2010 Physical Security Criteria provides guidance for all non-DoD federal buildings (without the exclusions, such as ports of entry, border patrol facilities and ‘unique facilities’, from the previous document) and it also covers leased space in existing buildings.

• The new 2010 Physical Security Criteria is presented in a completely new format

• The 2008 Facility Security Level Determinations for Federal Facilities (FOUO) and the 2010 Physical Security Criteria (FOUO) will provide a baseline for a facility specific risk assessment on which countermeasures will be based upon.

Past experience with new and updated security design criteria has shown that there is an often painful learning curve associated with the government and the private sector applying these new standards. Stone Security Engineering will soon be offering training sessions on the criteria. Please contact us at if you are interested in these sessions.