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Bridge Stolen in Russian Arctic

Date of Occurrence: 5th June 2019 Location: Murmansk, Russia Event: Bridge Stolen Fatalities: 0 Injuries/Displaced: 0

The over 60 ton and 75 foot long central span of a, luckily, unused bridge in the Arctic region of Russia was apparently stolen. The bridge was once a vital industrial railway crossing over the Umba River to Finland but has been unused for over a decade since the owning company went bankrupt.




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Baghdad Green Zone Open to Public in First Time in Over a Decade

Date of Occurrence: 4th June 2019 Location: Baghdad, Iraq Event: In The News Fatalities: 0 Injuries/Displaced: 0

The 4 square mile Baghdad Green Zone has been reopened, unconditionally, to the public after 16 years of being highly restricted. The change was announced by the government on Eid al-Fitr, the last day of Ramadan, to show their confidence in overall security. 12,000 concrete walls were removed from the area in preparation.



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8 Hospitals Bombed Within Last Month in Syria After Sharing Location with Regime – Doctors Will No Longer Cooperate with UN Deconfliction Attempts

Date of Occurrence: 3rd June 2019 Location: Idlib, Syria Event: Bombing, Military Campaign Fatalities: 270 Injuries/Displaced: 300000

25 hospitals and clinics in rebel controlled Idlib have been bombed in the past month, 8 of which were attacked after their locations were shared with the regime in attempts at deconfliction by UN OCHA to prevent such attacks. Another 6 facilities were also destroyed in the past year, shaking up confidence in the UN program and prompting doctors to stop sharing their locations in fear of being targeted. The number of recent attacks on health and educational facilities is unprecedented, according to local doctors and NGO’s.


At least 300,000 people have been displaced and 270 killed in the latest campaign by the Syrian government and Russia to reclaim Idlib. 





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