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Afghan Policeman Opens Fire On Foreign Journalists

Date of Occurrence: April 4, 2014 Location: Khost, Afghanistan Event: Shooting Fatalities: 1 Injuries/Displaced: 1

On the evening before the elections in Afghanistan, two veteran journalists were sitting in the back of a station wagon observing preparations for the upcoming vote.  A police commander approached the car and opened fire.   German Photographer Anja Niedringhaus was killed instantly, and Kathy Gannon was shot twice, and was able to receive medical help.




Multiple Explosions Near Cairo University

Date of Occurrence: April 2, 2014 Location: Cairo, Egypt Event: Multiple Bombing Fatalities: 1 Injuries/Displaced: 7

Three bombs near Cairo University were detonated on  Wednesday killing a police brigadier-general and wounding at least seven others around 11:00 am.  The bombs were filled with bolts and washers with the first two going off within a minute or two of each other.  The bombs were hidden, with one being in a  tree near a security post.  The second  and third bomb were  captured on live TV.  The third happened approximately two hours later on the other side of the guardhouse.  Those responsible stated the delay in setting off the third bomb was to avoid injury to civilians.


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Shooting at Ft. Hood, Texas

Date of Occurrence: April 2, 2014 Location: Ft. Hood, Texas Event: Shooting Fatalities: 1 Injuries/Displaced: 14

A shooting at Ft. Hood military base took place approximately at 4:30 pm CST.  The base’s emergency alert sounded and personnel were instructed to shelter in place.  One person is confirmed dead with 14 injured from the attack.  The suspected gunman has been killed.  No further information is available at this time


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