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Car Bomb Targets Nairobi Police Station

Date of Occurrence: April 23, 2014 Location: Nairobi, Kenya Event: Car Bombings Fatalities: 4 Injuries/Displaced: Unknown

Policeman stopped a suspicious-looking car in Nairobi, Kenya at a traffic light on Wednesday and were taking its occupants into a police station for questioning when the car exploded, killing two policeman and two others.  The car exploded outside the police station’s main gates.



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Ethnically Targeted Killing in South Sudan Leave Hundreds Dead

Date of Occurrence: April 22, 2014 Location: Bentiu, South Sudan Event: Ethnically Targeted Killings Fatalities: Hundreds Injuries/Displaced: 200

Gunmen targeted civilians in mosques and hospitals including children and elderly have killed so many that the official stated that there were “piles and piles” of bodies.  Residents were led to believe they would be safe within the mosque.  Once inside, valuables were taken from them and the gunmen proceeded to kill Civilians were target because of their ethnicity as rebel forces took control of the capital city Bentiu with local radio stations broadcasting hate messages.

Over 25,000 civilians are in the U.N. base in Bentiu where officials fear more violence is coming.



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Targeted Attacks and Suicide Bombings Continue in Iraq

Date of Occurrence: April 20, 2014 Location: Baghdad, Iraq Event: Suicide Bombings and Targeted Attacks Fatalities: 19 Injuries/Displaced: 36

Multiple attacks across Iraq have killed at least nineteen people and wounded over thirty-six.  In one attack, a suicide bomber drove his car into a police checkpoint in Suwayrah (25 miles south of Baghdad) killing 12 and wounding 19.  At another security checkpoint in Madain (Southeast Baghdad), a car bomber struck an army checkpoint killing three and injuring twelve.

Two attacks on Sunday targeted a Shiite  college when one suicide bomber with an explosives belt targeted the main gate of the college and a second group of militants attacked the back gate. Other attacks included roadside bombs and drive by shootings.


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