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7.2 Quake Rocks Mexico

Date of Occurrence: April 18, 2014 Location: Guerrero, Mexico Event: Earthquake Fatalities: None Injuries/Displaced: None

A large 7.2 earthquake hit in the western state of Guerrero, Mexico (near Acapulco) on Friday, April 18th at 9:27 am.  Mexico City, located over 200 miles from the earthquake, were alerted over a minute (71 seconds) before the quake struck thanks to Mexico’s early quake warning system which has been in place for over 21 years and alerts residents via sirens, television broadcasts, and an earthquake radio system.  Similar systems are found in Japan and other countries.  The USGS has a prototype alert system that hasn’t been developed further] due to lack of funding.

No injuries or major damage has been reported.


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Deadly Avalanche at Mount Everest

Date of Occurrence: April 19, 2014 Location: Mt Everest, Nepal Event: Avalanche Fatalities: 12 Injuries/Displaced: 40

Twelve Sherpas were killed and dozens injured by an avalanche that occurred on Mount Everest.  The Sherpas were traveling a popular route to summit the mountain.  This  requires traversing underneath a moving glacier and well-known hazard known locally as Golden Gate due to the shape of ice formations.  While traversing,  a piece of ice broke off of a moving glacier and setting off an avalanche.


Times of India

Attack on UN Compound in South Sudan

Date of Occurrence: April 17, 2014 Location: Juba, South Sudan Event: Attack against UN Base Fatalities: 48 Injuries/Displaced: Unknown

An unprovoked assault was made by armed civilians against the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS).  After the group was refused access to the compound, they forced their way into the compound and opened fire on displaced individuals (nearly 5,000) within the base. At least 40 people were killed during the attack.


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