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8 Suspects Detained by Nigerian Security Forces

Date of Occurrence: May 3, 2014 Location: Abuja, Nigeria Event: Bombing Suspects Captured Fatalities: N/A Injuries/Displaced: N/A

Nigerian security forces investigated areas near the site of two bombings that occurred in the past three weeks that killed 95 people in Abuja, Nigeria and detained 8 suspects.  Security is high with the World Economic Forum being held in Abuja from the 7th through the 9th of May.  Over 6,000 police officers and troops will be deployed to secure the conference.


New York Times

3 Dead, 79 Wounded in Xinjiang Region of China

Date of Occurrence: April 30, 2014 Location: Railway Station in Urumqi, Xinijang China Event: Attack and Explosion Fatalities: 3 Injuries/Displaced: 79

An unknown number of assailants, armed with knives and explosives, killed three and wounded seventy-nine outside of a train station in Urumqi, China. The attacks  occurred at approximately 7:00 pm local time near the station exit and coincided with a visit form Chinese President Xi Jinping.


New York Times

South China Morning Post

County Jail Gas Explosion Kills 2 in Southern Florida

Date of Occurrence: April 30, 2014 Location: Escambia Country, Florida Event: Building Collapse/Explosion Fatalities: 2 Injuries/Displaced: 150

A gas explosion in Florida’s Escambia County Jail late Wednesday night caused the building to collapse, killing 2 and injuring 100 to 150 others.  It is unknown what caused the gas explosion.  While the  area had experienced heavy flooding during the past two days, it is unknown whether this contributed to the  explosion.



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