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Attack on UN Compound in South Sudan

Date of Occurrence: April 17, 2014 Location: Juba, South Sudan Event: Attack against UN Base Fatalities: 48 Injuries/Displaced: Unknown

An unprovoked assault was made by armed civilians against the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS).  After the group was refused access to the compound, they forced their way into the compound and opened fire on displaced individuals (nearly 5,000) within the base. At least 40 people were killed during the attack.


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Suicide Attack in Ramadi, Iraq Target Security Checkpoint

Date of Occurrence: April 16, 2014 Location: Ramadi & Fallujah, Iraq Event: Suicide Attacks Fatalities: 36 Injuries/Displaced: 53

Two suicide attacks in Ramadi killed eight people (5 soldiers, 3 police officers) as their vehicles were rammed and detonated at security checkpoints leading to a command post.  At least 14 were wounded.  At other checkpoints around Ramadi, gunmen attacks and suicide bombers killing 7 and wounding six others.  Additional deaths on Wednesday were caused by airstrikes, artillery rounds, and other events in Fallujah and Baghdad.


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Suicide Bomber Targets Army Checkpoint in Iraq

Date of Occurrence: April 13, 2014 Location: Kirkuk, Iraq Event: Suicide Bombing Fatalities: 16 Injuries/Displaced: 27

Sixteen people died and twenty-seven were injured from two separate attacks in Mosul and Kirkuk.   The first targeted an army and police patrol as it passed through a busy commercial area, while the second occurred at a security checkpoint.


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