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Explosion at Bus Station in Nigeria

Date of Occurrence: April 14, 2014 Location: Nyaynyan, Abuja Event: Bombing Fatalities: 71 Injuries/Displaced: 124

A large vehicle bomb was set off at a Nigerian bus station on the edge of the capital city of Abuja killing 71 and wounding 124.  The bomb exploded around 7:00 am and destroyed over 30 vehicles and caused secondary explosions as fuel tanks were ignited from the blast.


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Twenty-Five Dead in Multiple Attacks in Baghdad

Date of Occurrence: April 8, 2014 Location: Baghdad, Iraq Event: Car Bombings Fatalities: 25 Injuries/Displaced: 47

Over twenty-five people have been killed as eight car bombs were detonated around Baghdad.  Attacks targeted Shiite areas of the city and comes on the 11th anniversary of the fall of Baghdad.  The attack began when a bomb went off in a busy commercial area.  As people gathered to help victims, a second bomb went off.


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Car Bomb Exploded Outside Central Bank in Athens

Date of Occurrence: April 10, 2014 Location: Athens, Greece Event: Bombing Fatalities: 0 Injuries/Displaced: 0

As Greece announced a return to the international bond market, a large car bomb exploded outside of Greece’s Central Bank.  No one was killed or injured.  An anonymous caller contacted a newspaper agency  45 minutes before the explosion.  The caller also stated that the device contained roughly 150 lbs of explosives.



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