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Sailor Fatally Shot Aboard USS Mahan

Date of Occurrence: March 25, 2014 Location: Norfolk, Virginia Event: Shooting Fatalities: 2 Injuries/Displaced: 0

A sailor was killed on Monday aboard the USS Mahan late Monday by a civilian.  The suspect was killed later by security forces.  This comes after a the Navy held training exercises focused on anti-terrorism and active-shooter scenarios.  To get onto the base, civilians are required to have an escort or appropriate ID that is presented at one of the base entrances.  Authorized civilians include DoD employees, contractors, and family members.


New York Times

Helmand Suicide Plot Foiled

Date of Occurrence: March 24, 2014 Location: Southern Afghanistan Event: Suicide Plot Foiled Fatalities: 0 Injuries/Displaced: 0

A Suicide attack was foiled in the Helmand Province of Afghanistan by Afghan Intelligence.  Four men were arrested with plans for up to five different suicide attacks with a focus on targeting upcoming elections.  One vehicle IED, two motorcycle IEDs, and a rickshaw IED were confiscated along with assorted weapons and 15 kilograms of explosive.



Khaama Press

Video footage of explosion bringing down a building in Syria

Date of Occurrence: March 20, 2014 Location: Aleppo, Syria Event: Explosion and Building Collapse Fatalities: Injuries/Displaced:

Amateur video has captured an explosion ripping through a military palace in  Aleppo, Syria.

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