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Car Bomb Exploded Outside Central Bank in Athens

Date of Occurrence: April 10, 2014 Location: Athens, Greece Event: Bombing Fatalities: 0 Injuries/Displaced: 0

As Greece announced a return to the international bond market, a large car bomb exploded outside of Greece’s Central Bank.  No one was killed or injured.  An anonymous caller contacted a newspaper agency  45 minutes before the explosion.  The caller also stated that the device contained roughly 150 lbs of explosives.



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Al Jazerra


Explosion Near Islamabad Kills Over Twenty At Market

Date of Occurrence: April 9, 2014 Location: Islamabad, Pakistan Event: Bombing Fatalities: 22 Injuries/Displaced: 96

Explosives placed inside a fruit box and packed with nuts and bolts were remotely detonated around 8:00 am at a wholesale market in Rawalpindi near Islamabad, Pakistan.  The blast created a five foot wide crater and killed over twenty people.  This is the deadliest attack since a bomb at the Marriott Hotel in 2008.


New York Times

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15 Die in Roadside Bomb in Southern Afghanistan

Date of Occurrence: April 7, 2014 Location: Kandahar, Afghanistan Event: Roadside Bombing Fatalities: 15 Injuries/Displaced: 4

A targeted attack 0f a suicide bomber on a NATO convoy in the Kandahar Province did no damage to the NATO convoy.  However, due to this attack, the main road was closed with traffic diverted to a side road. Fifteen civilians from the Uruzgan province were killed on a side road while traveling home when they hit the roadside bomb near the edge of the Maiwand District in Kandahar, Afghanistan.


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