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Two Dead from Suicide Bomb in Lebanon

Date of Occurrence: March 16, 2014 Location: Nabi Uthman, Lebanon Event: Suicide Bomb Fatalities: 2 Injuries/Displaced: 14

A speeding car raised concern among a number of local men near Nabi Uthman, Lebanon and they followed the vehicle.  When it stopped, the bomb went off.  The bomb was estimated to weigh roughly  120 kg (265 lb)  This is the latest in a series of deadly attacks and came shortly after the Syrian army captured the town of Yabroud, Syria near the Lebanese border.


Al Jazeera


Al Manar News

Suicide Car Bomb Targets Army Checkpoint in Anbar

Date of Occurrence: March 13, 2014 Location: Rawah, Iraq Event: Car Bomb Fatalities: 4 Injuries/Displaced: unknown

A suicide bomber rammed his car into a checkpoint on a bridge before detonating a car bomb in the town of Rawah, Iraq (175 miles north of Baghdad).  This is just the latest attack in clashes between government security forces and Sunni tribal militia since that has been ongoing since last December.


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Suicide Bomber Attack Foiled in Kandahar

Date of Occurrence: March 12, 2014 Location: Kandahar, Afghanistan Event: Suicide Bomber Foiled Fatalities: 1 Injuries/Displaced:

A suicide bomber was killed before he could attack the Indian consulate in Kandahar. The bomber was able to gain gain entry to a street that housed Indian and Iranian consulates. Security forces killed the intruder before the suicide vest could be detonated.