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Explosion near Kilis, Turkey

Date of Occurrence: February 20, 2014 Location: Kilis, Turkey Event: Bombing Fatalities: 5 Injuries/Displaced: 40

A car bomb, that could be felt for several kilometers, tore through a refugee camp near the border town of Kilis, Turkey wounding at least 40 people.  It affected a roughly 500 meter radius that is frequently used.


Daily Star


Heavy Fighting near UN Compound in Malakal, South Sudan

Date of Occurrence: February 19, 2014 Location: South Sudan Event: Gunfight Between Government and Rebel Forces Fatalities: 10 Injuries/Displaced: 20,000 displaced

Heavy fighting broke out between government and rebel forces outside a UN compound breaking a month-long cease-fire.  Over 20,000 people who have sought refuge were at the UN base during the fighting.  Ten people died at the UN base while others are reporting water shortage within the base.  It is unclear what has set off this latest conflict.


Washington Post

New York Times

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Iranian Center in Beirut Targeted by Suicide Bombers

Date of Occurrence: February 19, 2014 Location: Beirut, Lebanon Event: Suicide Bombing Fatalities: 6 (4 people + 2 bombers) Injuries/Displaced: Over 100

Two cars packed with explosives targeted an Iranian cultural center in Beirut during rush hour traffic.  An al Qaeda-linked group (Abdullah Azzam Brigades) claimed responsibility.  It was estimated that 160 kg of explosives were used during the attack and the explosion went off within 20 meters of the building.

NY Times Article

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