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Triggered Landmine kills 7 in Bihar, India

Date of Occurrence: December 3rd, 2013 Location: Bihar, India Event: Ambush via landmine Fatalities: 7 Injuries/Displaced:

Police look at the crater caused by blast. -Photo Credit-HT


Triggered landline by Maoist rebels kills 8.  Police were targeted coming back from a monthly meeting.  Rescue efforts were undertaken immediately, but went slow for fear of mines. This is the latest in a series of attacks on police over the past year. Read more here.






Explosion in Helmand Province

Date of Occurrence: December 3rd Location: Helmand, Afghanistan Event: Explosion, details unknown. Fatalities: 2 Injuries/Displaced: 10

Explosion in Helmand province-details unknown.

Bomb Blast in Damascus

Date of Occurrence: December 3rd Location: Damascus, Syria Event: Suicide Bombing Fatalities: 4 Injuries/Displaced: 17

Bomb Blast in Syria, Photo Credit BBC and AFP

Suicide bomber targets government building in the al-Jisr al-Abyad district of Damascus.  At least 4 people have died with 17 injured.  More here from the BBC.