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Car Bomb Outside of Egyptian Hospital Kills 20 Injures Nearly 50

Date of Occurrence: 5th August 2019 Location: Cairo, Egypt Event: Car Bombing Fatalities: 20 Injuries/Displaced: 47

A car bomb detonated outside of Egypt’s National Cancer Institute in Cairo killed at least 20 people and injured 47. The Interior Ministry says the car was probably being transported for use in another terrorist operation when it collided with 2 other vehicles while driving on the wrong side of the rode, causing the explosion. The explosion started a fire at the hospital, causing a partial evacuation of the facility.


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Shooting in Ohio leaves 9 dead and 27 wounded

Date of Occurrence: 4th August 2019 Location: Dayton, Ohio Event: Mass Shooting Fatalities: 9 Injuries/Displaced: 27

A gunman opened fire on the streets of Dayton, Ohio killing 9 and injuring 22 others in a shooting that lasted just over 30 seconds. The attack occurred in front of a bar where the gunman and his sister, who was among those killed, entered together earlier in the night. The attacker fired on entrance of the bar and attempted to gain entry but was stopped by several nearby police officers.



ABC News

Shooting at El Paso Walmart kills 22 and injures 24

Date of Occurrence: 3rd August 2019 Location: El Paso, Texas Event: Mass Shooting Fatalities: 22 Injuries/Displaced: 24

A gunman opened fire at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas killing 22 and injuring 24 people. The gunman surrendered to police after they arrived, prosecutors to seek the death penalty for domestic terrorism and a civil rights hate crime investigation.


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