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Deadly blast at Green Village compound kills 4, injures more than 100

Date of Occurrence: 15th January 2019 Location: Kabul, Afghanistan Event: Suicide Bombing Fatalities: 4 Injuries/Displaced: 100+

A truck packed with explosives was detonated outside of the Green Village compound in Kabul, killing 4 and injuring more than 100 people. According to an Afghan Public Health Ministry Spokesperson, most of the injures were due to glass shrapnel from the blast. Green Village is a high security compound that houses several international companies and NGOs. The attack was claimed by the Taliban, who targeted the compound due to its use by many foreigners.



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Takhar District Police Chief killed by IED blast 

Date of Occurrence: 31st December 2018 Location: Taluqan, Afghanistan Event: Bombing Fatalities: 1 Injuries/Displaced: 10

The police chief of Northern Takhar province was killed by a magnetic bomb attached to the car he was riding in. 10 nearby civilians were injured in the blast.



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Roadside bomb kills 4 injures 3 family members in Ghazni province

Date of Occurrence: 30th December 2018 Location: Ghazni Province, Afghanistan Event: Bombing Fatalities: 4 Injuries/Displaced: 3

A roadside bomb detonated in Ghazni Province, hitting a rickshaw carrying a family. 4 people were killed and 3 wounded.



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