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8 killed in attack on French drilling firm camp in Niger

Date of Occurrence: 22nd November 2018 Location: Toumour, NigerToumour, Niger Event: Shooting Fatalities: 8 Injuries/Displaced: 7

A suspected Boko Haram attack on a French drilling companies water well site in Niger has left at least 8 people dead. The crew was drilling 2 wells to improve water access for displaced people at a nearby refugee camp.





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Man stabs police officers near the Grand Place in Brussels 

Date of Occurrence: 20th November 2018 Location: Brussels, Belgium Event: Knife attack Fatalities: 0 Injuries/Displaced: 1

A man outside of the Grand Place, a UNESCO world heritage site in Brussels, stabbed a police officer in the neck before being shot. The officer suffered non-life threatening injuries. Investigators are trying to determine whether the attacker has any links to terrorist groups.



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Suicide bomber attacks gathering of Islamic scholars on birthday of the Prophet Muhammad in Kabul,  killing at least 55 people and injuring nearly 100

Date of Occurrence: Suicide Bomber Location: Kabul, Afghanistan Event: 55 Fatalities: 55 Injuries/Displaced: 94

A gathering of up to 1,000 Islamic scholars in Kabul to commemorate the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad was targeted by a suicide bomber, killing at least 55 people and injuring close to 100 others.



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