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Dozens Killed in Complex Attack on Government Office in Maruf District

Date of Occurrence: 30th July 2019 Location: Maruf District, Afghanistan Event: Complex Attack Fatalities: up to 50 Injuries/Displaced: unk

A government office in Maruf District, Afghanistan where workers were registering voters for presidential elections in September was targeted by 4 suicide bombers in Humvees that drove into the compound, followed by a ground assault that was repelled by security forces. An investigation is still under way, but as many as 50 workers and security forces are thought to have been killed in the initial blasts and fighting. The district center was overran by Taliban forces nearly two years ago, prompting officials to move their offices just 25 miles away. Many nearby villagers have fled due to the seizure of large areas. The attack occurred during a day of heavy fighting and multiple attacks throughout Afghanistan as the Taliban launches its spring offensive. Reports indicate the new headquarters may have been captured, along with soldiers and vehicles. Peace talks between the Taliban and United States to end the 18 year war are underway, but Taliban forces who control over half of the country reject the current election process. Fighting slowed down after Afghan forces launched several airstrikes, killing “many” insurgents.



NY Times

7 Police Killed in Coordinated Attacks in Sinai Peninsula

Date of Occurrence: Location: Event: Fatalities: Injuries/Displaced:

7 police officers were killed in a coordinated attack on an assembly center in Sinai, believed to be carried out by ISIS. Egyptian military is undergoing a campaign to hunt down insurgents in Sinai after a mosque attack that left over 300 dead 2 years ago. Security forces are on high alert as Egypt is hosting the Africa Cup of Nations. Security sources say the attack was launched from 10 vehicles at 4 different sites.



Al Jazeera

Houthi Drone Attack on Saudi Abha International Airport Kills 1 and Injures 21

Date of Occurrence: 23rd June 2019 Location: Abha, Saudi Arabia Event: Drone Attack Fatalities: 1 Injuries/Displaced: 21

A Houthi drone attack on Abha International Airport in Saudi Arabia has killed at least 1 and injured 21 more civilians. A rocket attack on the same airport earlier this month injured 26 others. Houthi militants have greatly increased their rocket and drone attacks, targeting airports, water/oil infrastructure and other targets. U.S. officials say Iran is further cooperating with the Houthis in an attempt to destabilize U.S. and Saudi interests in the area.


Gulf News

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