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East Harlem Building Collapse

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Date of Occurrence: March 12, 2014 Location: Harlem, NY Event: Explosion and Building Collapse Fatalities: 7 Injuries/Displaced: 60

Firefighters responded to a building collapse @Park Avenue and 116th Street in NYC.  It was reported at 9:30 am March 11.  116th Street closed from 5th to Lexington Avenue.  At least 11 injuries were reported.  Metro-North Railroad has been suspended.

Firefighters respond to collapsed building. ( NEW YORK DAILY NEW)

March 13 2014

The Harlem gas leak explosion has now caused at least  7 deaths and has destroyed 2 buildings and caused heavy impact on surrounding buildings.  A 5-alarm fire ensued after the explosion and subsequent building collapse.  Recovery efforts are currently underway.

The two buildings that were destroyed housed a Spanish Christian Church and a piano repair store.


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