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iStandoff 2.0 is here!

November 18th, 2013 · 9:56 pm @   -  No Comments

With the new UFC 4-010-01 October 2013 changes freshly baked in, this App is a must have for architects, engineers, owners  – pretty much anyone – involved with DoD building projects for DoD occupied structures.

test titleBackground:  Conventional Construction standoff distances for the Unified Facilities Criteria 4-010-01 are now dependent on the:

  • Required level of protection.
  • Type of standoff  – to on-installation parking and roadways or to the installation perimeter.
  • Exterior envelope construction type.
  • Structural function (load bearing vs. non-load bearing) of the exterior envelope.

Determining the project specific conventional construction distances requires consultation of two tables from the UFC (Table B-1 and Table B-2) which can be cumbersome.

The Apps – iStandoff and iStandoff Lite:   These Applications automate the process of determining Conventional Construction standoff distances and provide the applicable distances with two taps of the screen.

Additional Services:   Note that all wall types are not included in the tables in the UFC document, and that windows and doors must meet the pressures and impulses at the actual standoffs (no mean feat for the shorter distances!).

If your project has construction configurations not covered, your actual standoff distances do not meet the conventional standoff distances, or you have questions about windows and doors; Stone Security Engineering provides design services that will assist you in determining the requirements for your specific situation.   Contact us at or at +1(646) 649-3169.

Android and Web-Based Versions:  Stay-tuned for web-based and Andriod versions in the near future.

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