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On a Mission, Artists Paint Beirut Neighborhood to Inspire Hope

March 14th, 2014 · 9:16 am @   -  No Comments

On January 2, 2014, a car bomb exploded in Haret Hreik (southern suburb in Beirut) and killed two people.  A few weeks later on January 21st another car bomb went off killing six more people.

This has caused a sense of dread and fear in the area.  To combat this, local artists have gone on a mission to inspire.  Security features such as road blocks and barriers have been painted to brighten things up from the standard gray drab that typically accompanies concrete barriers.

But barriers have not been the only item touched by this mission.  Another local artist’s group invited regional and local artists of all faiths to participate at a festival held on the March 7, 2014.  One of the highlights was painting a car damaged by the one of the recent attacks.

Click on the link  for more pictures of the artist’s work and details of the recent festival.

Cement blocks painted by Ali Bahssoun (Observer)

Finished car with works of art from the festival (Observer)


France Observer



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