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Protection In High Threat Environments Demonstration Course 2020

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Protection In High Threat Environments – Blast, Ballistics, Forced Entry, & Fire Demonstration Course

COVID-19 Schedule Update:  Due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak and guidance on travel restrictions from multiple entities worldwide, Stone Security Engineering has decided to postpone the delivery of our Protection in High Threat Environments Course until September 2020.  It is our sincere hope that this allows adequate time for health officials to arrest the spread of Coronavirus and for a return to normalcy.  We are working with our partners to finalize our September dates and schedule, and will provide an update in the coming days.  Stay tuned for upcoming webinar opportunities that we will be providing in advance of the course in Bend.  We thank you for your understanding as we all work through this very fluid situation.

What: Face-to-Face course, Live Demonstrations

When: September 2020 (Dates TBD)

Where: Bend, Oregon – at Stone-OBL Blast Test Facility

Tuition Fee: $3,900.00

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  • Who Should Attend: Security and safety professionals, architects, engineers, procurement specialists, and real estate specialists from public, military, private, and industrial organizations who have assignments or projects that involve providing protection against accidental or intentional events involving explosions, ballistics, fire, forced entry, or vehicle ramming incidents.
  • Learning Objectives: Understand how to protect against these attacks, and the impacts the protections may have on existing and new buildings.
  • Live Demonstrations: See first-hand how blast, ballistics, fire, and forced entry threats and hazards affect standard building materials and how they affect specially designed protective building elements.

This is not an engineering class filled with charts, diagrams and formulas…

We strongly believe that ‘seeing is believing’ and we have therefore incorporated live demonstrations of blast, ballistics, and forced entry. Students will be able to inspect the specimens before and after the demonstrations, to better understand the concepts presented in the classroom portion of the class.

This is a class filled with practical information, based on our years of experience, that students can use the minute they walk out the door.
Course material will include the strengths and vulnerabilities in traditional building construction types, pros and cons of available retrofits, an explanation of what a blast (or multi-hazard) vulnerability assessment is (and is not), steps to be taken to provide protection to your people and structures, and myth-busting of frequently misunderstood concepts.

We will walk you through understanding the implications of the different types of threats your organization may be facing, the dynamics of an explosion (as it relates to you and your facilities), terminology that is often thrown around during design and security meetings, and how typical building construction protects/does not protect against your threats.

We look forward to seeing you in Bend!

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