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Taliban Suicide Attackers Storm Police Station in Jalalabad

March 19th, 2014 · 4:44 pm @   -  No Comments
Date of Occurrence: March 20, 2014 Location: Jalalabad, Afghanistan Event: Bombing and Gun Attack Fatalities: 11 Injuries/Displaced: 22

A police station in Jalalabad, Afghanistan was targeted by militants in a gun battle and bomb assault that went on for over three hours and killed ten policeman and a university student who was caught in the crossfire.

A mini-truck driven by a suicide bomber was detonated outside the police station.  In the debris and confusion, several gunmen (all wearing suicide vests) attacked the station as two additional bombs were set off remotely.  At least twenty people were injured from the initial explosion.  The Taliban claimed responsibility for this latest attack leading up to Afghanistan elections on April 5th.


Afghan soldiers and police search through station after the attack (AP Photo/Rahmat Gul)


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