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Applied Knowledge

Our team of experienced and specialized engineers is devoted to leveraging our knowledge and applying it to the needs of the industry.

Hollice Stone, P.E. 
Managing Principal and President

Stone Security Engineering was founded by Hollice Stone. She is a leader in the security engineering industry with 25 years experience in engineering, blast, antiterrorism and emergency response. Hollice has devoted her career to helping protect people, buildings and critical infrastructure from terrorism. Instrumental in criteria development, research, and educational initiatives, she is a creative and innovative force in the security engineering field, using her management, engineering, and emergency responder experience to proactively identify industry challenges and develop practical solutions. Her portfolio of work includes multi-hazard vulnerability assessments and new antiterrorism design for the U.S. Departments of State, Justice, Defense, and Homeland Security, as well as national universities, chemical plants, oil refineries, Fortune 50 companies, and international NGOs.

Arturo Montalva. P.E.
Principal and Vice President
Technical Director

A specialist in the mitigation of seismic, blast and progressive collapse hazards, Arturo Montalva has 14 years professional experience in the engineering industry. He has in-depth expertise in linear and non-linear structural dynamics and finite element analysis. Arturo’s past projects include US Federal Buildings and Courthouses, high threat environment facilities, historic building renovations, development of mandated federal design criteria and numerous US Department of Defense and General Service Administration facilities. Arturo has utilized his knowledge in numerical methods to develop in-house analytical tools to better support our clients needs and to help lead the firm into the future.

Khaled El-Domiaty, P.E.
Principal and Vice President
Director of DC Office Operations

With a remarkable background in design, analysis, research, and testing, Khaled El-Domiaty brings a detailed knowledge of leading-edge solutions to all his projects. As a key member in the safety and security design field for over 14 years, Khaled has played an instrumental role in developing, managing, and delivering a wide array of projects. He has provided risk assessment services to property owners (government, commercial or industrial) to mitigate potential risks associated with blast, fragmentation, progressive collapse, ATFP, fire and toxic hazards. Additionally, he has performed forensic investigation for litigation support, training, R&D, guideline development, structural design, and remedial and retrofit design for a variety of structures.

Dr. Jason Florek, P.E.
Senior Safety and Security Engineer
Using his substantial expertise in finite element analysis Jason Florek has used simplified and finite element dynamic methods to determine and enhance structural resistance to blast loading.  He specializes in analyzing complex structures subjected to high-pressure loads and hazardous fragments, having modeled systems ranging from innovative concrete panels to window and wall catching systems to entire metal trailers. Jason has worked with numerous government, military, and industrial clients to assist them in meeting applicable structural response or risk-based design criteria for new and existing construction


Richard Galli, P.E.
Safety and Security Engineer and Project Manager

Richard Galli brings an impressive breadth of experience in the fields of security and safety design to the firm. His projects have included detailed design and analysis of doors, windows, and curtainwalls, test program development, authoring of Government guidelines, and accident investigations at industrial facilities. Rich has also been involved with more traditional work, participating in more than 100 successfully completed projects related to blast, progressive collapse, and fragment evaluation and mitigation for government and industrial sector clients. The scope of these new construction or retrofit design projects has ranged from feasibility studies and conceptual designs to detailed design and construction administration support.