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Security Industry Interviews – Episode 01: Abu Dhabi Safety & Security Planning Manual

Episode 01 April 28, 2014

Security Industry Interviews presents an interview with Mike Edgerton of Good Harbour Consulting in which he discusses some of the evolution, requirements and applications of Abu Dhabi Safety and Security Planning Manual.

Abu Dhabi has propelled themselves to the front of the class when it comes to incorporating safety and security into all new construction projects. As of June 2013, new construction in Abu Dhabi is required to follow the principles and guidance of the Safety and Security Planning Manual (SSPM) and any projects requiring planning approval will additionally be subject to a review of compliance with the SSPM.

This is big news and a big step forward in integrating safety and security design into non-governmental construction development. For more information, click on the thumbnail below below to hear the interview with Mike Edgerton. With extensive experience in security Abu Dhabi, Mike has unique insight into this document.

Michael Edgerton Bio:
Mike is a Principal with Good Harbor Consulting, based in Abu Dhabi. He is a highly experienced security and risk manager over 25 years experience with maritime security, security risk management, critical infrastructure protection, and crisis management. He has advised national governments, agencies, and corporations on security matters and has performed strategic level, risk-based assessments of critical infrastructure including system resiliency, business continuity, and recoverability in over 20 countries, among them; US, UAE, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan, South Africa, Philippines Indonesia, Malaysia, Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey and Jordan. Prior to entering the private sector, Mike served in the United States Coast Guard and United States Navy as a commissioned officer for 20 years where he spent much of his career specialized in security and intelligence. Mr. Edgerton has an undergraduate degree from Bucknell University, a Master’s Degree in Strategic Intelligence from Defense Intelligence Agency’s National Intelligence University and is a graduate of the U.S. Naval War College. Mike is also a Certified Protection Professional through ASIS International as well as a Fellow of the Security Institute.

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