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13 Injured by Package Bomb in Lyon

Date of Occurrence: 24th May 2019 Location: Lyon, France Event: Bombing Fatalities: 0 Injuries/Displaced: 13

A package bomb was detonated in front of a bakery in the historical city center of Lyon, France injuring up to 13 people. Police have reported the bomb was left by a passing cyclist and filled with “screws or bolts”.




Al Arabiya

Suicide Bombing Kills 9 in Mogadishu, Targeted Convoy of Somali Officials

Date of Occurrence: 22nd May 2019 Location: Mogadishu, Somalia Event: Suicide Bombing Fatalities: 9 Injuries/Displaced: 13

A suicide car bomb was detonated at a checkpoint outside the presidential palace in Mogadishu, killing at least 9 and injuring 13. Among the dead is the former Somali foreign minister Hussein Elabe Fahiye. The attack was claimed by Al-Shabab, who reportedly targeted a convoy of of officials and legislators.


AP News

Al Jazeera

Houthi Rebels Attack Saudi Airport with Bomb Carrying Drone

Date of Occurrence: 21st May, 2019 Location: Najran, Saudi Arabia Event: Bombing Fatalities: 0 Injuries/Displaced: 0

An airport in Najran, Saudi Arabia was attacked by a bomb-laden drone, striking an arms depot according to the Houthi Al-Masirah news channel. The attack occured after Saudi Arabia had intercepted two missiles fired by the Houthis, who have plans to attack 300 Saudi and UAE targets, according to their news sources. Drones are increasingly being used in bomb attacks in the area.


Al Jazeera

Washington Post

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