Applied Knowledge

Vendor Terms and Conditions

This page contains links to the standard terms and conditions we use for contracting with certain suppliers and subcontractors. In some instances, we do not attach our standard terms to purchase or service orders. Instead, we incorporate them by reference, to increase efficiency and streamline contracting.

If you received a purchase or service order from us that did not have terms and conditions attached, one of our standard sets was incorporated in the order by reference. You may find the applicable terms below. We encourage you to review them and save a copy for future reference.

Please note that the terms above are not identical. To ensure you are viewing the correct terms, you should verify that the document number referenced in your order matches the corresponding number in the terms. Please also note that if terms and conditions were attached to your order, the attached terms control.

Finding the Document Number

The document number (DN) is a unique, 6, 9, or 12-digit number that identifies each set of terms. The DN can be found in each of the following locations:

  1. The purchase or service order you received (that directed you to this page).
  2. The document description(s) above.
  3. The footer of the terms and conditions.

The DN should match in all three locations. If they do not, you are viewing the wrong terms. If you do not see terms that correspond to the number you received, please contact the person who issued your order.

Changes and Revisions in Terms

When our standard terms are revised, they are given a new DN and posted on this page. This helps us identify which terms apply to each order. When new terms are posted, the old terms are removed from the site and archived. Therefore, we encourage you to save a copy of your contract’s terms for future reference.

Requesting Archive Copies

To request an archive copy of a document that no longer appears on this page, please contact us and provide the applicable document number.