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Stone Security Engineering is an internationally recognized small, woman-owned business specializing in the protection of people, buildings, and structures from accidental and manmade hazards.  We focus on blast resistance, and security and safety engineering and design; predicting and mitigating intentional or accidental hazards from explosions, fires and toxics; security and blast vulnerability assessments; and training. Our engineers have participated in multi-hazard vulnerability, threat, and risk assessments for more than 200 facilities around the world and abnormal loading design for more than 300 buildings and structures.

Stone Security Engineering

Partnering with our clients, we work to develop global, tailored and cost effective solutions to their safety or physical security needs. We do this through assisting clients to establish a clear vision and direction for identifying existing vulnerabilities, evaluating real-world costs and benefits provided by the wide array of safety or physical protective measures currently available, and bridging the gap between safety and physical security measures, emergency response, evacuation and planning.