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Maryland Man Arrested In Foiled Attempt To Run Down Pedestrians At National Harbor

Date of Occurrence: 8th April, 2019 Location: National  Harbor, MD Event: Attempted Vehicle Ramming Fatalities: 0 Injuries/Displaced: 0

A man was arrested on the National Harbor waterfront in connection with the theft of a cargo van federal prosecutors say he planned to use to run down pedestrians in an attack inspired by ISIS. The van was stolen 2 days prior to his arrest from a parking garage in Alexandria, VA. The man drove to Dulles International Airport where he tried for 2 hours to find a way through security. The suspect then drove to the National Harbor Waterfront, where thin crowds caused him to delay the attack and break into a boat where he hid overnight. The next morning, police discovered the stolen van and waited near it for whoever stole it to return. The suspect was spotted jumping over a security fence from the boat dock and was arrested.


NY Times



Explosion At Houston Area Chemical Facility Kills 1 And Injures 2 Othes

Date of Occurrence: 2nd April, 2019 Location: Crosby, Texas Event: Industrial Accident Fatalities: 1 Injuries/Displaced: 2

An explosion occurred at a Chemical facility in Crosby, Texas, killing 1 person. A fire near a tank containing a flammable gas is thought to be the cause for the blast and resulting fire. 2 others were injured and air lifted to the nearest facility. This is the 2nd fire in 3 weeks to occur in the Houston area. 





Driver Rams Car Into Crowd Of People In China, Kills 6

Date of Occurrence: 22nd March, 2019 Location: Zaoyang City, China Event: Vehicle Ramming Fatalities: 6 Injuries/Displaced: 8

A driver rammed his car into a crowd of people in the city of Zaoyang in Hubei Province, China. 6 people were killed and 7 more injured. The driver was shot and killed by police, who say the man also carried daggers in the vehicle. The man wounded his wife and daughter earlier in the day.


Taiwan News

Straits Times