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How Do You Get a Copy of the New GSA Blast Document?

→  June 12th, 2012  →  Industry Developments

We are often asked how do you get a copy of the new General Services Administration Facility Security Requirements for Explosive Devices Applicable to Facility Security Levels III and IV: GSA’s Interpretation of the Interagency Security Committee (ISC) Physical Security Criteria?  You asked…we answered! “The GSA is tightly controlling distribution of the FOUO document, giving […]

Why Bother With Site Visits? Because They Are Critical!

→  June 12th, 2012  →  Industry Developments

When writing an RFP for a Blast Vulnerability Assessment there are a number of things to consider, one of which is whether to pay for the engineers of the assessment team to visit the site in person.  Often, the inclination may be to reduce the cost of the assessment by excluding a site visit. We […]

What The Heck Is Balanced Design??

→  June 12th, 2012  →  Industry Developments

If you have been involved with a project that includes blast loads, you have probably heard of “Balanced Design.”   If the project had more than one blast consultant, you probably heard way more about Balanced Design than you ever wanted to hear.  This is because there is no single approach to incorporating it into a […]

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