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Upgraded Capabilities and 2019 Testing Activities

January 11th, 2019 · 2:31 pm @   -  No Comments

Stone and their affiliated testing facility, Stone-OBL, and strategic testing partner Oregon Ballistics Laboratories (OBL) have recently launched multiple awarded blast and forced entry testing programs this winter. In preparation for the new programs, the capacity of the Stone-OBL facility has been upgraded to handle specimens with sizes close to 19′ by 16′. Some activities this testing season include:

  1. Design and/or Testing of various Blast-Resistant Door Systems applicable for various industries and performance criteria including AT/FP requirements, petrochemical accidental explosions, and explosive safety requirements for storage facilities. Door sizes evaluated, designed and/or tested vary from the standard 3 ft x 7 ft single door system up to full scale testing of large double door systems at our Stone-OBL concrete reaction structure with sizes close to 19 ft x 16 ft.
  2. Forced Entry Testing and rating of various reinforced concrete panel and slab profiles and designs.
  3. Evaluation, Blast Performance Design Enhancement and Testing of Door Hardware Systems.
  4. Close Range Blast Testing of various materials including glazing and proprietary products.

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