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ProtectiFlex Product Announcement – A Single Solution for Multiple Extreme Loading Hazards and Threats


ProtectiFlex, LLC has developed a concrete-like recycled, extreme loading resistant material that is a single solution to a diverse range of threats.

It is the brainchild of StoneSmart Solutions, LLC and Enviromate, Ltd.

ProtectiFlex offers protection against blast, ballistic, forced entry, impact, weapon effects, fire and seismic loads and can be used to mitigate risk against accidents, natural disasters and direct attacks. ProtectiFlex is suitable for new or retrofit construction and can be developed for various applications including façade systems, component shielding, tunnels, anti-ram systems, fully-integrated modular systems and more.

ProtectiFlex is a proprietary technology combining recycled non-biodegradable material, composite fibers and/or rebar in a cement matrix. It can be manufactured in a batching plant using conventional equipment and poured in place or formed into self-stacking blocks, panels or barriers. This adaptability provides a cost effective solution in a wide range of architectural finishes resembling traditional concrete.

Multiple forms

ProtectiFlex comes in three different forms – solid precast slabs, a composite/modular stud system and masonry blocks, allowing adaptation to a wide range of requirements and specifications.

Compared to concrete:

  • The precast form provides about twice the ballistic protection per thickness.
  • The composite form offers 45% weight reduction compared with reinforced concrete.
  • The masonry block demonstrably outperforms much heavier blocks with additional reserves of capacity.

ProtectiFlex benefits

Tough – Protection of people and critical assets is at the heart of ProtectiFlex objectives. Its design prevents bullet penetration, reduces spalling and is able to absorb large amounts of energy without diminishing its structural integrity.

One-Solution – ProtectiFlex offers a single material solution for the diverse effects from Blast, Ballistic & Fragmentation, Weapon Effects, Forced Entry, Fire and Seismic loads. In contrast, conventional concrete and masonry material products used for high threat environments are dense, brittle and lack enhanced damping characteristics.

Lightweight – The base material of ProtectiFlex systems is 30% less dense than concrete with enhanced energy absorbing characteristics; Resulting in lighter, thinner structures that are faster to build, cheaper and more usable.

Flexible – Protectiflex is more than 100 times as flexible as concrete and has 20 times the strain capacity of traditional concrete before failure.


Cost-Effective – ProtectiFlex is designed to utilize existing construction implementation practices in the masonry, cast-in-place and precast concrete industries. Our concrete-like material can be treated like true concrete during manufacturing with no retooling necessary, allowing a wider variety of applications.

Eco-Friendly – ProtectiFlex is created from recycled materials, uses less energy to manufacture, is sustainable and non-biodegradable.


Rigorous testing

ProtectiFlex has undergone rigorous testing and has earned several ballistic, blast and fire accreditations:

  • Blast Testing conducted simulating car bomb explosions in accordance to DoD, GSA and CPNI guidelines.
  • Blast Testing conducted simulating hand-carried bomb explosions at close-range.
  • Weapon effects testing from various projectiles.
  • NIJ and UL Ballistic accreditation to all levels for various thicknesses and mix designs.
  • Ballistic accreditation to BS EN1063:2000 and BS EN1522(Bullet Resistance :Walls & Flooring) Certification.
  • 2 Hour Fire Rating in accordance to BS EN 1364-1 2015.

About ProtectiFlex, LLC

ProtectiFlex is part of the StoneSmart Solutions product development efforts dedicated to developing new and innovative products and services for the protective design community. ProtectiFlex combines the engineering, consulting, testing, research and development expertise of the engineers of in the field of extreme loading (blast, ballistics, forced entry, fire, etc.) with the abilities of its product developer partners in the research and development of concrete construction and installations. Creating a “one-stop-shop” which provides innovative and cost-effective concrete-like material solutions that meet or exceed security and industrial safety design requirements across a wide range of extreme loading threats at a competitive value.

For more information on ProtectiFlex please visit or contact us at [email protected]

To view the blast test videos that were conducted at Stone-OBL, please visit us ProtectiFlex Product Forms Testing Details

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