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Stone is Seeking a Blast/Structural Design and Testing Engineer

Stone is an internationally recognized consulting firm specializing in the protection of people, buildings, and structures from accidental and manmade hazards. We focus on Extreme Loading (including blast, ballistics, vehicle ramming, and forced entry resistance) and safety, engineering and design. Stone has offices in New York and the Washington DC Metro area and supports testing at the Stone-OBL Large-Scale Blast Test Facility in Bend Oregon.

This position is based in Salem Oregon and will support Stone’s operations related to:
• Research, product development and testing for extreme loads (blast, ballistics, and forced entry), and
• Blast/Protective design consulting work for our east coast offices.

Research, Product Development and Testing

The position will provide support for product development, test planning, test setup design, and test execution support for extreme loading test efforts for a variety of Protective Design Products and/or techniques applicable to the Protective Design Industry. Roles include the following:

• Provide structural engineering analysis and detailing support for development of Protective Design Products for customers. This will be accomplished under the guidance of, and collaboration with, the overall Stone technical team.
• Regular interaction with Stone’s in-house testing technical team and the customer program team to define test objectives and execution requirements to support program implementation.
• Coordinate with the test team, customer test lead, and test site manager on execution processes, procedures, quality control and documentation requirements.
• Attend meetings and provide guidance on test objectives and requirements during the test planning process.
• Develop and document test plans and/or test plan inputs required by the customer to execute program testing.
• Structural design of test-setup configurations, develop and/or review and approve shop drawings, and inspect and/or supervise construction related activities at the test site.
• Work with materials sub-contractors to ensure test apparatus structural elements are properly constructed, on-time, and well-coordinated with the test site team.
• Post-process test data and coordinate with the instrumentation engineer to finalize data capture, photo, and video formatting, and the required customer deliverables.
• Documentation of pre- and post-testing conditions and develop test reports.

Protective Design Consulting Work

Because our testing programs have seasonal highs and lows, the position will also support Stone’s overall protective design consulting work. This may include blast vulnerability assessments, blast resistant building design and detailing, building assessment site visits, etc. This will be accomplished under the guidance of, and collaboration with, the overall Stone technical team.

Required Qualifications:

• Bachelor of Science, or higher degree, in civil, structural or mechanical engineering and 5+ years’ experience.
• Practical experience and knowledge of structural design and construction, including concrete, steel, wood, glazing and other building materials.
• Works well within a team but does not require constant supervision.
• Able to communicate easily and efficiently with both technical and non-technical staff, clients and contractors.
• Experienced user of MS Office products, AutoCAD and Sketchup.
• Ability to travel to Bend Oregon on a regular basis.
• Ability to obtain and maintain a Department of Defense Secret clearance as needed, which includes U.S. citizenship.

Desired Qualifications:

• Experience with test procedure development and test execution.
• Experience with on-site building construction.
• Experience with dynamic and/or blast resistant analysis and design.
• Licensed Engineer in the State of Oregon or able to obtain licensure.
• Knowledge in test methodology, project management, and requirements verification/validation.
• Experience in documenting test performances, failures and corrective actions.
• Experience in and supporting test program for design reviews, schedule meeting, liaison with test ranges. Etc.

To apply, send an email to or apply through LinkedIn or ZipRecruiter .

Upgraded Capabilities and 2019 Testing Activities

Stone and their affiliated testing facility, Stone-OBL, and strategic testing partner Oregon Ballistics Laboratories (OBL) have recently launched multiple awarded blast and forced entry testing programs this winter. In preparation for the new programs, the capacity of the Stone-OBL facility has been upgraded to handle specimens with sizes close to 19′ by 16′. Some activities this testing season include:

  1. Design and/or Testing of various Blast-Resistant Door Systems applicable for various industries and performance criteria including AT/FP requirements, petrochemical accidental explosions, and explosive safety requirements for storage facilities. Door sizes evaluated, designed and/or tested vary from the standard 3 ft x 7 ft single door system up to full scale testing of large double door systems at our Stone-OBL concrete reaction structure with sizes close to 19 ft x 16 ft.
  2. Forced Entry Testing and rating of various reinforced concrete panel and slab profiles and designs.
  3. Evaluation, Blast Performance Design Enhancement and Testing of Door Hardware Systems.
  4. Close Range Blast Testing of various materials including glazing and proprietary products.

For more information on our R&D and testing services and/or validation of materials and products performance against blast, ballistic and forced entry loading, please contact us at, or

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New UFC 4-010-01 Released

This UFC establishes the minimum engineering standards that incorporate antiterrorism based mitigating measures not associated with an identified threat against DoD personnel and assets. This document has been updated to remove mitigation measure tied to a specific explosive weight. 

Look out for our summary of changes, coming soon. In the meantime, the full document can be found here.