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Protective Knowledge: Protection in High Threat Environments – Demonstration Course

Stone Security Engineering is pleased to announce our latest, and most exciting, protective design short-course.  Developed for attendees from all backgrounds and disciplines who work in, or protect, people in high threat environments, this course is intended to provide practical information and solutions to the complex challenge of protection.

The course will be 4-days long and will take place during the first two weeks of June 2018 (we are finalizing course logistics now) in Bend Oregon, at Stone-OBL’s blast test facility.  The class will include a unique combination of classroom instruction and live demonstrations of blast, ballistics, and forced entry effects.

Instruction will include discussion of different threat types (blast, ballistics, forced entry, vehicle ramming), how they affect people and structures, and how to defend against them.

  • The classroom portion will address the relative levels of protection provided by standard construction, the types of retrofits which can improve protection, and the process of providing protection.
  • The demonstrations will include
    • blast tests of typical building materials,
    • ballistics and forced entry effects on typical and specially designed materials

Stay-tuned for more information and final dates.   Registration will open in January 2018.

We look forward to seeing you in Bend!

If you have any questions, please email or call us at

+1 646-649-3169


Recent Incidents: October and November 2017

October and November have seen a lot of terrorist activity around the world, with some new attack modalities and a continued trend toward attacking soft targets and places of worship.

Overall, there were more than 25 significant attacks resulting in greater than 900 fatalities.

These recent attacks show a wide range of tactics, techniques, and procedures including a vehicle ramming in New York City, small arms attacks in Las Vegas and Texas, a large VBIED in Somalia, and a highly coordinated attack in Egypt combining initial rocket propelled grenades followed by gunfire.   The largest attacks in terms of loss of life were the VBIED in Somalia on October 15 (>350 fatalities) and the Mosque attack in Egypt on November 24 (>300 fatalities).

Collectively these incidents show the continuing and increasing need for physical protection and planning for multiple attack modalities – even in locations previously considered to be low threat areas.

Stone Security Engineering tracks major terrorist incidents on a regular basis.  Click here for more information.

GSA IDIQ Structural and Blast Engineering IDIQ Contract

Stone Security Engineering is pleased to announce that we are now the proud holder of a GSA IDIQ contract as the Prime Consultant.

Contract Name: Nationwide Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) Architect-Engineer Structural and Blast Engineering Services for the Public Building Services (PBS), Office of Design and Construction Program, under the Office of the Chief Architect.

Our team is led by Stone Security Engineering, PC and is comprised of firms and engineers with extensive experience in structural, blast, and seismic design and working for the GSA and the US Government.

Stone Security Engineering is a small, woman-owned business focusing on safety and security design to protect people and property from abnormal loadings such as blast, ballistics, and progressive collapse events.  Stone prides itself on implementing creative solutions to the complex challenge of providing protective design in a cost-effective manner.

Stone Specialties: Blast and progressive collapse assessments and design (new and retrofit); open arena blast testing; criteria development; peer review; innovative solutions; advanced non-linear analytic methods; ballistics and forced entry; large building inventory assessments; feasibility studies; research and development; software development; training; and emergency attack and recovery (US&R experience in engineering and logistics, terrorist attack, earthquake, industrial accidents, etc. ATC 20 and ATC 45 training).

KPFF Consulting Engineers is one of the largest structural engineering firms in the US and is recognized by the design and construction industry for its seismic design engineering expertise. With offices across the country, many in high-seismic regions, they have proven experience in conventional construction practices as well as specialized services such as seismic, wind, and protective design; and natural disaster response and recovery (including ATC 20 and ATC 45 training).

KPFF Specialties: Extreme loading conditions (seismic, wind, blast, progressive collapse); advanced analysis (non-linear methods); energy dissipation systems; high rise; historic; large building inventory assessment; corrosion; testing and inspection.

Crosby Group Is an award-winning small, minority-owned business with an established reputation for providing creative and cost-effective design solutions for a wide range of projects. Crosby has experience in a variety of sectors including office, mission-critical, and laboratory.

Crosby Specialties:  New/renovation structural design; seismic evaluation and retrofit; risk assessment and analysis; 2D / 3D modeling and analysis; peer review; new technologies for seismic mitigation; extreme loadings (seismic, hurricane, tidal surge); natural disaster response and recovery (including ATC-20 and ATC-45 training; and incorporating 3-dimensional mixed reality with enhanced electronic documentation.

Langan provides an integrated mix of engineering and environmental consulting services including geotechnical consulting.  Working with clients and design teams Langan has engineered cost-effective geotechnical solutions appropriate for 100s of projects nationwide involving complex, technically challenging sites.

Langan Specialties: Geotechnical engineering; seismic hazards & liquefaction evaluations; historic; high-rises; geologic hazards evaluation; foundation design; forensic engineering; soil sampling; slope stabilization design; vibration monitoring; traffic engineering; flood protection; and emergency response and recovery (hurricanes, sink holes, landslides, mold remediation).

Markon Solutions is a nationally recognized consulting firm with core competencies in project controls, facilities, finance, and acquisition. Markon’s project controls services include cost estimating, scheduling, and risk management, most often for the federal government.  Markon also has experience with GSA leasing and renting practices

Markon Specialties: Cost estimating, project and construction management; owner’s representative; security management; and new construction and major renovations.

TBD Consultants is a small business enterprise with cost estimating and project management experience which covers virtually every building type and extends across a large geographic area.   They are expert in developing cost estimates, even on the most conceptual information.

TBD Consultants Specialties: Cost planning and estimating; change order analysis; value engineering; project management; historic buildings and structures; high seismic regions; and project and construction management.

Please contact Hollice Stone at if you have any questions about this contract our how we can support you on your projects.