Applied Knowledge

Do You Need Help Navigating the Ever-Changing World of Safety & Security Criteria?

→  March 30th, 2015  →  Industry Developments

Did you know that there are more than 100 documents devoted to blast resistant/anti-terrorism design or testing for buildings?  Do you know which ones apply to you? Our team recently sat down to review the most recent standards and guideline documents to make sure that we were all up-to-speed on the latest and greatest in our […]

New Smart Perimeter Fence

→  February 13th, 2015  →  In The News

Now critical sites can be secured by a new generation of sensors that allow detection and accurate positioning of suspected intrusions with accuracy of a few meters. This technology allows pointing a camera automatically to the exact intrusion point.  This is the pinpoint Positioning Technology by Magal-S3. Photo Source:  MAGAL Security Systems Note:  Stone Security […]

U.S. Increases Security at Federal Buildings

→  October 29th, 2014  →  In The News

The increased security is precautionary after the attacks on Canada’s government last week.  The United States is enhancing security for more than 9,500 Federal Government buildings.  The locations selected will vary and shift from location-to-location and will be continually re-evaluated.  A Homeland Security Official stated this is a “precautionary measure”. Video Source:  CNN Sources: CNN […]